time of debian for my little nslu2 time of

Time of Debian for my little nslu2.. Time of Armel! EABI is the new “Embedded” ABI by ARM ltd. EABI is actually a family of ABI’s and one of the “subABIs” is GNU EABI, for Linux. The effective changes for users are: Floating point performance, with or without an FPU...

Perian: H264 AVI Videos on Quicktime (Mac OS)

Hoping you already know Perian (, if you have problems watchin H264 AVI Videos on Quicktime (Mac OS X), the matter isn’t your video but Perian, there is a bug in Perian 1.1 corrected in the latest development version. You can download the latest development version by follow these instructions,...

Comments on Tumblr.

Comments on Tumblr.?? What? This is my little world, my blog, I don’t want that someone can comment my pictures, articles, videos, This is not a place for comments, This is my free-thinking world, anyone can read it but noone can leave a comment, If you don’t like it, DON’T...

my little new toy easypix dv5311hd

My little new toy: Easypix dv5311HD !



songbird the futures mediaplayer its not yet

SongBird the Future’s mediaplayer! It’s not yet complete but it looks better than other well known mediaplayers! We must only wait to see additional changes! if you want to try it, go here: gBye!