How to build Android adb on ARM

Thanks to Google I’ve just found searching in many Forum threads the way to build adb on ARM arch.
Just download sources with git (apt-get install git-core on debian-like system):

$ git clone git:// system/core
$ git clone git:// build
$ git clone git:// external/zlib
$ git clone git:// bionic

Now edit build/core/ and comment out the parts labelled
# Check for the correct version of java
# Check for the correct version of javac
Since adb doesn’t need Java, these checks are unnecessary.
Also edit build/target/product/ and comment out the “include” lines after
# include available languages for TTS in the system image
This avoids having to download language files that aren’t needed for adb. 

Save this Makefile as system/core/adb/Makefile :
Then just run:
cd system/core/adb; make

Then you can copy and use your adb binary.
That’s all! If you have any problems search your distro’s packages repository to install needed packages!