Google rocks but Yahoo too!

Today I’m happy to have discovered: Yahoo! Go

Before discovering this GREAT App every time I want to surf on ebay, read the latest news, TRY to upload images on flickr or simply check the weather, I must open my mobile browser on my Nokia N73, and navigate to the various bookmarks to find wanted websites and hope them works!! :-)

Now I login into “Yahoo! Go” having all I need, weather, rss feeds, mails, photo upload on flickr, ebay, wikipedia, currency converter and more!! Much more!

So what can I say too? You must TRY IT!

On “Yahoo! Go” there are also some maps software but I prefer always to use “Google Maps” for mobile and its great function of “auto-locator” that can determines your position thanks to used gsm/gprs network.

As you can see I’ve added the flickr icon on right bar, by clicking on it you can see my photo album updated directly from my Nokia phone!


Stay tuned,